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How does online coaching work?


Initial Call

Before you sign-up you will receive an initial questionnaire to help me understand your goals circumstances and preferences.

Then we will go through this together for 15 min over the phone where I will ask you more details. NO compromise at this point. In the worst case scenario, you will leave the call with some interesting and useful tips



After signing-up you will receive a more in depth questionnaire to help me design your training and nutrition plan as well as setting some daily targets and goals outside the gym floor.

You will also receive an informative start-up pdf guide where you will find information about the online coaching, how to submit your forms and other useful information


Training Program

Based on all the information collected from you, I will create your specific and tailored training program. This will be specific to your goals, actual fitness level and personal circumstances like how many days you go to the gym, job role, equipment availability and family commitments


Nutrition Plan

As a qualified nutrition coach, I will not only give you a personalised meal plan, but I will also provide you with the macro nutrient facts to follow and coach you on how to make healthier choices and how to swap the options that I gave you.

I will not only give you the "how" but also the "why"


iOS/Android APP

You'll be able to access your own app in your phone where you will have access to your training plan, meal plan, daily goals, calendar. You will also be able to log your sessions, check your weights from previous weeks, upload progress pictures, body measurements and sync with wearable fitness devices and meal trackers like Myfitnesspal


Full Support

You will have access to me through whatsapp 24/7.

You will also have a weekly check-in with me to go through your week and check your progress, your struggles and any other issue you might have.

You will have access to a whatsapp comunity (Team Fearless) where you will be able to share your journey with other people like you.

Finally you will receive access to a members exclusive part of my website

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